Sep 8 2015

Remember “The Secret”? Now check out “The Abundance Factor”

Disclaimer: because I’ve worked with Joe Vitale before on various marketing projects, I’ve been asked to help with the promotion of “The Abundance Factor” (including having had access to a pre-release screening of the movie). To be clear, that means if you click on any of the links below, I’m going to receive compensation.

Do you remember when “The Secret” came out? Well, today a movie in the same vein was just released. If you know me, you know that I can be quite a skeptic. That said, my experience does lead me to believe that there is alignment in what we think / do and what happens to us. Is it “spiritual”? Or are there perfectly natural explanations? That, I can’t tell you for sure. I can say that my experience (and research I find credible) shows that some of this shit just works.

Joe Vitale - The Abundance Factor

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Sep 7 2015

Virtual Assistant Needed w/ Social Media Experience

RE: Virtual Assistant Needed w/ Social Media Experiance

I’ve spent a little time getting my travel environment setup, and Its clear I’m going to need some help in order to maintain a professional image.

You see, as I write these posts, I’m not going to take time out from my travel schedule in order to proof-read, edit photos, shit like that.

So I’m going to need some help About once a day, login to the site and see if I’ve posted anything. If so, proofread it and fix the misakes.Note, I’m looking mainly for typos, spelling mistakes, word usage, cropping oversized pictures, making sure things line up – that sort of thing – my style is pretty fast and loose, so I’m not looking for perfection or rewrite of the text … just fixing the obvious so I don’t come off looking like an idiot. Well, at least an idiot that can’t spell.

I’m also looking for someone to help manage the social media: facebok and twitter, specifically. Not much to do there … EXCEPT … the WP theme could use an overhaul – basically, help to create my online brand. Also setting up MailChimp would be a BIG plus. And affiliate sites, like JVZoo and clickbank and maybe link some of my recomendations to Amazon. They’re are quite a few social media sites, actually. so having access to HootSuite or similar would be pretty awesome. You tell me what I need. Your going to have some fun, that’s fer sure.

To apply, send me an email with this post – as youd correct it, and we’ll talk from their. Grammar polize welcome!

See you on the other side!

– “I live the way I type – fast, with lots of mistakes”

Sep 7 2015

Europe, here I come!

I’ll be spending October in Europe – Germany, for the most part. This is my first trip to Europe as an adult, though I was born in Würzburg (task: learn how to type German characters).  As part of the trip, and my renewed commitment to my own creativity, I will be journaling throughout the trip, and most probably posting here.

I’m travelling light: no  laptop, an iPad Mini, with Bluetooth keyboard, a phone, and a “mini” bag with enough clothes for a few days. Since I’m staying at air b&b through most of the trip, laundry won’t be a problem. My ScotteVest will see a few more miles :)

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Jul 13 2014

Consciousness Hacking

ConsciosnessHacking 2

MikeySiegalSaturday I spent the day at the San Francisco Consciousness Hacking Meetup, facilitated by Mikey Siegel.


NeemaMoraveji 2After a few minutes of “getting to know you”, where I met some interesting people (one guy was even named after an album!), we heard from Dr. Neema Moraveji about the new “Spire“* wearable sensor, for tracking breath and steps. I’ve already ordered mine.


JefferyMartin Next, we heard from Dr. Jeffery Martin, one of my long-time friends and associates. He spoke about new research into persistent non-symbolic experience (PNSE) and hacking your way to enlightenment. There are a few projects that his organization, the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness is putting together, and I’ll be volunteering on some of the technical aspects.

In other updates, the group from Cognitive Technology Group at Berkeley gave a short but powerful demonstration of their cloudbrain software hooked up to an open_bci 8 channel EEG. I’m still looking into the software, but it looks like it’s basically analysis software on top of openstack horizon. Intriguing.

FrankHeile Dr. Frank Heile, who has been working on a theory of enlightenment, has updated his paper and invites discussion.


*You can get $10.00 off your Spire order following this referral link: I’ll also receive $10.00 off mine, if you do

Jul 13 2014

The Site is Back!

After being offline for about 3(!) years, I recently found a backup of the site – so it’s going back up.

In that time, my interests have changed significantly, so I’ll be cleaning things up here a little and then start posting again.

Do be aware most of the site is outdated, but if you find something useful, I’d be grateful to hear about it!

— Nick

Oct 10 2011

Alternatives to upgrading Joomla from 1.5

I read with interest Jen Kramer’s article on when and how to migrate clients from Joomla! 1.5 to the next version of Joomla, due to the end of life of the product in April 2012.

Through my Joomla work, I have influence over 10,000 Joomla 1.5 sites. Of these, about 200 of those sites are direct (or nearly so) clients of mine that I’ll have to upgrade if the time comes.

Unfortunately, the migration to Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.0/2.5 is not a very compelling story. Most of these clients have sites that work today, and while they are looking for incremental improvements, they are not looking to rebuild the site – pretty much ever. They are definitely not interested in losing functionality (due to incompatible plugins) or actually paying for such an upgrade. I need help in solving this dilemma – one that lessens or eliminates the impact of migration.

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