Taking quick break and LMAO

As you know, I’ve been busy running my software business at intellispire.com, and not doing much “in” Internet marketing these days.

But something happened that told me I had to take a break and write you.

I received (yet another) affiliate invite to a big release I clicked on the link, saw video starting, and hit the pause button – I don’t have time to watch a video, I have a business to run!

So I sent the email to my wife, Sybil, and asked her to look at it and let me know if it was any good.

A few minutes later, she came into the office

(not having seen the email I just sent, I might add)

to ask about a press release she’s working on for the updater. She gave me the url to go lok … and Firefox crashed.


Anyway, I brought up the browser and it asked of I wanted to “restore my session”. Heck, yea,- had a LOT of stuff open. Don’t lose it! pleeeeeeaaaas don’t lose it!

So I clicked Ok and went back to the conversation.

[It’s a great release btw, we’re making the updater a full
fledged marketplace. How cool is that?]

Anyway, Firefox dutifully started opening about 6-8 windows each with umpteen tabs.

(Running Linux I have 4 “desktops” with 2 monitors … 8 screens I can fill up with browsers and ssh sessions! no wonder it crashed :-( )

Remember that video I had paused? Guess what?

The video started back up, and started blaring through the speakers.

“What’s that? Are you watching Star Wars?” Sybil asked.

Here I am, busily trying to find whatever @#$@# window has a this autostart audio/video going, and I can’t find it to shut it off!


Of course, we couldn’t help but start to listen to it while I tried to shut it off.

Where’s that darn window? I it’s got to one of these … click .. click …

It took about 90 seconds to FINALLY find the window with the video … but by that time … Sybil and I were both entranced.

What are these guys doing? A $400 course for free? No way.

Yea, right. I’ve seen this before, buy now, we’ll ship it to you then charge you full price in 30 days yadda yadda – we need to invest in OUR business right now.

But, that’s not what they’re saying, they’re talking about a monthly magazine ….

And the DVD’s really are free, for S&H (which probably does cover production costs, but not much else.)

Shhh. I’m listening.

by that time, Sybil had brought up a chair.

Ok, so it’s an $80 a month magazine, I said.

Sybil looked at me, and said. Nope. $117 a month.

“Are you you guessing or do you know? I never signed that
NDA, so I really don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

She said – just guessing.

We were both wrong … but I was closer though I overshot by double – Syb was off 3x. At first I seriously didn’t believe that could possibly be right. I was silent, trying to figure this out.

What’s stopping the updater from being adopted? Sybil asked.

Traffic, I said immediately. The updater is free, (we make money off the upgrades) it’s a no brainer to use, and critics are already saying that if Intellispire can’t pull it off, someone will – it’s the future of web software.

I just need traffic – I need marketshare, and I need to get the message out.

And then the lights came on. Oh, did they ever come on.

… and I started laughing hysterically.

I figured it out because I’m doing the same thing.

I am absolutely serious – I started LMAO.

Because ONLY Brad and Andy and the stompernet crew would have the guts to pull what they are doing.

While most of the heavy-hitters are out selling $1,000+ courses to 1,000 or more people, Brad and Andy have “been there, done that”.

So what’s left? World domination? Yeah, you got it.

So now they’re going after market share with what’s called a “lost leader”. They’re willing to take possible hit on every product that they sell in order to grow their customer base.

And they have deep, deep pockets, so they can do this.

And what they are offering is in the realm of “no brainer” extraordinaire. (Just like my products, if I can be so less
than humble).

I mean, less than no risk. Just brilliant!!!
(I’m saying that because they stand to lose real cash if people don’t stay subscribed. Which means they HAVE to deliver value – and in the past, they always have. Just at a price I chose not to afford at the time.)

Go. Watch the video.

And if this is right for you, be online this afternoon to get the DVD set and sign up.

So by now you know that I’m talking about the new Stomper Net stuff that everyone else is, too
(or you have been living under a rock, like me).

to sum up –

– I wasn’t even interested in this launch until it hit
me in the face (literally).

– I trust Brand and Andy to overdeliver. And recently, there’s not a lot of “guru”‘s I’m trusting

– If I had an extra $800/month, I’d be a member of StomperNet. I don’t (yet), and I’m not. This is the next best thing, and.

– I spent more on dinner last night

– The transformation I saw in myself … from complete apathy to really, truly wanting to tell the world about this in 20
minutes is real. I’m excited, and I haven’t been excited about an information product in a very, very long time.

(Are we gonna buy it? Sybil asked.

I looked at her, for 1/2 a second.

Do we have a choice? I asked.)

It’s a done deal. Join me this afternoon at the site to pick up some awesome swag.

‘Till later,


P.S. I do get some sort of affiliate commission if you click
on this link: http://www.stompernet.biz

It’s not going to be much – but right now,
during “bootstrap” for my current business,
every dollar counts

– and I appreciate your support.

Maybe we can do a mastermind or something?

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